The ProFinish™ Tile Tray System is made in New Zealand from high density, environmentally safe, rigid polyurethane, and replaces the need for a traditional sand and cement sloped tile shower base.

Since its launch with Jigsaw, the ProFinish™ Tile Tray System has expanded to include the premade Tile Tray, Wedge Tile Tray with Channel Drain Kit, Barrier Free Floor System and Recessed Tile Shelf; all made from the same high density, rigid polyurethane.

The ProFinish™ Tile Tray System offers unrivalled flexibility, as trays can be custom manufactured to suit individual requirements. ProFinish™ Trays are easy to install, can accommodate either a channel drain or standard tile waste, are suitable for above floor or recessed application, and can be manufactured to accommodate virtually any waste position.

The ProFinish™ Tile Tray System is bonded to the floor, using compliant “Wet Area” wall linings, a continuous waterproofing membrane on floors, tray and up the walls. This whole enclosure is then ready for tiling.

Note: 7 Independent  waterproofing companies have authorized their systems over ProFinish™ Tile Trays with proven track records and warranty protection.

ProFinish™ is proudly manufactured by Newline Group Ltd.

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